Terms & Conditions

By placing a booking over the telephone, by email or via social media, the customer accepts they are bound by the terms and conditions below.


1.1Unless otherwise agreed, payment is due upon completion of each oven clean by credit/debit card or cash, BACS or cheque. 

1.2If payment is not made on the day of completion then a £20.00 administration fee could become due. 

1.3Additional charges for recovery of overdue debts may also be added to this. 

2:Oven Cleaning Services

2.1The customer agrees to read and acknowledge the terms and conditions prior to the delivery of service. 

2.2Solihull OvenClean shall not be responsible for any injury or loss suffered to any type of household pet as a result of an accident during the delivery of the cleaning service.

2.3The customer understands and accepts that any issues with cleaning standards and/or breakage/damage must be reported within 24 hours of the service date to ensure that Solihull OvenClean are able to rectify any issues, failure to report such issues within the agreed time will negate any claim from the customer.

2.4Solihull OvenClean will not be held responsible for repair or replacement of household contents/fixtures/fittings or appliance components required as a result of the failure of any worn/faulty or incorrectly fitted components or similar items.

2.5Where it has been agreed that Solihull OvenClean or their authorised representative are responsible for damage caused to a customers property or belongings whilst completing the service, Solihull OvenClean will choose to repair, replace or compensate based on current value of the item. Any attempt from the customer to repair or replace without the prior consent of Solihull OvenClean will indemnify Solihull OvenClean of any claim that may arise as a result. 

2.6Solihull OvenCLean have full public and employers liability insurance covering all our employees and authorised representatives for any accidental damage caused. 

2.7Solihull OvenClean agree to keep all customer information private and we will never pass your details to a third party organisation. 

2.8Start time for cleans are a guide only, we aim to arrive within one hour either side of your appointment time. Our engineers endeavour to always inform of late or early visits but this cannot be guaranteed. 

2.9The oven is safe to use upon completion of the clean, we recommend leaving the door ajar during the first time heating the oven so that any smell does not become trapped within the oven, all our products are completely safe and not harmful to health. Solihull OvenClean does not guarantee oven cleaning results and the results cannot be predicted, results will vary depending on the type of oven, age of the oven, how often the oven is used, and the type of food cooked in the oven. 

3:Customer Satisfaction

3.1The customer will allow Solihull OvenClean to revisit any jobs for which they are not satisfied, no claim for a refund or partial refund based on quality of service will be considered without a revisit being completed prior. 


4.1The customer may cancel or adjust the time of an appointment by giving a minimum of one working days’ notice. For example, cancellation or changes of a Monday appointment should be made before 6pm on the previous Thursday. 

4.2The customer will be charged in full for any cleaning that is not completed through no fault of our own and not cancelled with sufficient notice. If the fee is paid by the end of the working day on the day of the appointment the customer will be offered the opportunity to reschedule the appointment at a 50% discounted rate. This will be applicable to all circumstances which are deemed non-fault of the company. A non-exhaustive list of examples, no access provided, faulty keys or locks, customer not in, no electricity or water, turned away due to illness or family emergency


5.1Any feedback given to Solihull OvenClean by the customer can be used to promote our services on the company website or via any other marketing activities. This may include the customer name and area in which they live.